Our mission is simple:

Design and manufacture the most functional, innovative and complete line of Jeep products available - Period! We do this all right here in the USA! At American Trail Products we are driven to build products that fuel enthusiasm in our community. ATP products offer a unique approach in design and function that will set your Jeep apart, both in functionality and style.

American Trail Products is committed to engineering, testing and manufacturing innovative, superior products while maintaining a cutting edge and functional style for the Jeep community. Our team is dedicated to supporting everyone we come in contact with by offering the best customer experience and product possible.

Feels great to say MADE IN USA!

You won’t find any overseas factories or offshore call centers at American Trail Products. Engineering, testing, fabrication, expert advice, support, packaging and shipping - we do it all right here. Made in the USA!

We control the process from concept to production to a finished good. We ensure each product we make delivers functionality and a cutting edge style capable of withstanding the harshest conditions off-road enthusiasts demand. Most importantly, all ATP products are designed to set your Jeep apart from the rest!

Discover for yourself why ATP is forging a new path in the Jeep industry.


American Trail Products is proud to offer the highest quality U.S. made products. Located in Southern California, our facilities includes, manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Here we design, test and manufacture thousands of automotive performance parts and accessories. 


Insider Advice

Lots of companies manufacture and sell Jeep parts and accessories. But none offer the experience and knowledge of the ATP team. We will advise you on the best solutions for building your Jeep with the, performance and style you deserve. Whatever your goals are we’re just a phone call away!





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